Annapolis Harbor Photo Class

I went Kayaking in August in Annapolis and was really interested in going back to explore the harbor from land. When I saw that Capital Photography Center had a photo class one Sunday morning, I jumped at the opportunity. I had to arrive by 7am, which meant leaving the house super early but it was worth it. We spent a couple of hours on the dock where we could explore on our own or hang with the instructor who pointed out interesting compositions. It was a really interesting learning experience – the instructor was really focused less on the overall large shots of the Harbor (which at sunrise were beautiful but then lost its luster), but rather focused on the interesting textures and reflections in the water. I am really happy with the shots I got during this time and came away with much more interesting pictures than I had envisioned. She was quick to tell me when (and why) a shot I was going for wouldn’t work and challenged me to really think about composition/cutting out the noise.

Civil Twilight – captured right before class
Sunrise in the Harbor 1
Sunrise in the Harbor 2
Sunrise in the Harbor 3
Before the crowds arrive
I love the framing here, it leads to the question “where is he off to?”

The next few photos are the ones the instructor was really excited to make sure we captured.

Closeup on Harbor textures 1
Closeup on Harbor textures 2
I messed with the focus here. I really am finding I enjoy close up shots with a blurred background.
Closeup on Harbor textures 4 – An ordinary rope comes to life
Reflections 1 – She challenged me to make sure I didn’t capture any of the random background in the harbor and just focus not the hull and its reflection
Reflections 2
Reflections 3

We left the harbor and started wandering back to the start of the peer. We stumbled upon what appears to be a weekly classic car “show” where the older guys in town come out with their classic cars & their coffee and show them off. I am not really a car person, but the instructor’s focus on light/reflection versus the object itself really led me to capture one of my favorite photos of the shoot.

Classic Car “show” – Reflection in the bumper
Classic Car “show” – the Owners

We then headed into the streets to capture other shots in town. I found myself really interested in the textures of the buildings versus the wider shots I got in Waterford, VA. I also just loved the energy of the town on a Sunday morning. I’d love to keep going up and hanging out.

Sunday morning
Town motto 1
Town motto 2

Series of texture shots

Textures 1
Textures 2
Textures 3
Textures 4

The instructor also had us mess with “swipes” where you slow down the shutter speed and move the camera. I love the dreamy abstract feeling it creates.

Swipes 1 – I love the dreamy feeling it creates
Swipes 2 – I love the dreamy feeling it creates
Hello bee!
Interesting texture contrasts
Welcome Home
Secreet Garden

Finally, at the harbor we stumbled upon a cute dog with a cowboy on its back and just fell in love. After the class I was eating lunch and spotted a whole parade of costumed dogs. Just another wonderful unexpected little random moment in the town on a Sunday morning.

Costume Contest 1! We saw this one early before the 40 others and just fell in love.
Costume Contest 2!
Costume Contest 3
Costume Contest 4

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