Italy – Part 1: Rome

Back in June, I went on a two week adventure to Italy. It really was what kicked off the 2016 obsession with Photography. A few months before, my coworkers jokingly said they had come up with my next thing that combines my love of DIY and running: Urban Graffiti Artist. I nixed the idea (I still cringe when I think about the photo magnets of my early artwork my grandparents lovingly displayed), but it did make my wheels turn. I have always loved photography, and with access to a woodshop I could try my hand at frames (still to be attempted). It also required a ridiculous upfront investment, which apparently is something my new “hobbies” require to really sink in. Within a week of the urban graffiti artist conversation, I had purchased a new basic DSLR camera. Other than my friend’s wedding, Rome was my first chance to play. I really started messing with the manual camera settings at the Vatican (so many interesting targets) and from that point on only shot in manual. Of course, that was before my DSLR basics class that taught me how to adjust things OTHER than shutter speed. Oh well, I think the pictures turned out great anyways! (Luckily, my travel companion Sam also bought the same camera and was willing to indulge my 400 photos of the sunset. She’s a trooper.)



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