Costa Rica – Part 2: Poas Volcano

The second day of the trip we ventured to Poas Volcano. There were two craters we saw that looked completely different and made for good photo opportunities. One looked more like what I imagine a deserted planet does, while the other looked like a (really acidic) lake I’d love to spend some time near.

We really lucked out – generally there is a good chance it’ll be too cloudy to see the volcano, and the prior two days were very rainy. When it was nice on our way up, our guide encouraged us to book it to the first overlook and you can bet I did! The “deserted planet” crater was completely visible and really interesting. After a bit (and 2039423098 photos), we headed up through a really dense forest to the “lake” crater. Then, on the way back, the clouds rolled in and I got even luckier to be able to take photos that showed the volcano being completely covered in the span of less than 2 minutes. Really cool!



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