Costa Rica – Part 6: Flora, Fauna, & Misc. at the retreat

We definitely got to experience the rainy season. The upside of that is that the retreat was full of wonderful flowers/plants at their peak beauty. For some reason, I seem to be drawn to flowers and some of my favorite pictures come from capturing the raindrops on the various plants. I also tried to take pictures when the lighting was the most magical, typically right after sunrise.

I also loved the places the retreat had to hide out and read and/or do yoga. Curling up with my books was by far my favorite activity, particularly with the rain falling all around me. Silly me, I actually stressed about whether I was spending enough time in the rocking chair v. the hammock v. my bed!

Also, it was ridiculously impossible to pick the one featured photo! The squirrel, rocking chair, reflections in the water, and yoga studio each made a strong case.


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