Seeing in Black and White

Yesterday, I took another class with Capital Photography Center called “Seeing in Black and White.” I’ve always been intrigued by black and white photography, but have only played with it sparingly when editing my photos. I was hoping this class would make me feel more comfortable with it, and I am happy to say it did! The format with the class was an hour and a half presentation on what makes a good black and white photo and/or when to use black and white (adjust for bad lighting, highlight emotion, remove distractions, emphasize strong lines, etc.) with plenty of examples. In addition to black and white, we talked about selective coloring to bring out a certain color within a photo while removing the rest. We then took our cameras out for an hour (it was cold!) to get some practice in the field. We put our photos in monochrome mode so it displayed the black/white photo while we shot (which if you shoot in JPG is not the best idea as you don’t preserve the colors in the file/it locks the changes in place, but if you are shooting in the raw file format it doesn’t matter as the colors data is still captured/preserve for editing). After a break for lunch, there was a quick demo on how to edit the photos and then we all got to play for an hour or so. Finally, we each shared a handful of photos for a critique/showcase. It was really cool to see how even though we all shot within the same block and a half, we ended up with a huge variety of photos. I loved seeing what other people saw and getting ideas. All in all, I loved the class and am really excited to go back in my portfolio to play with what I learned. The world is beautiful in color  but sometimes taking away the color really makes a statement.



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