American University Basketball

Last weekend, I took another photography class that allowed me to take pictures from underneath the basketball hoop at a local university. The game was not very well attended/flashy, but it was a good opportunity to practice capturing the action as sports photography is pretty interesting to me. I had to shoot with a high ISO to be able to use a shutter speed that “freezes” the action, which led to more grainy pictures than I would have liked. Luckily, Adobe Lightroom took care of a lot of it for me, and I ended up with some great shots. I also enjoyed playing with black and white photos as a way to capture the emotion/remove the distraction of the poor lighting.

The instructor gave me a lot of good tips regarding how he goes about the shots, including to shoot wide and crop later as well as to anticipate where the action will be due to the camera’s delay in taking the picture when you hit the shutter (really annoying).  He also said most of the pictures he takes are no good and that luckily his best sellers are the ones of players shooting free throws as you see their face/number. He also clearly loves what he does and sharing information with people.

My favorite part of the game was it was Senior Night (afternoon), and they had one guy on the team that got diagnosed with a heart condition his freshman year and never played. He went in and “won” the first tipoff before leaving, and I’ll admit I teared up by the interactions between him and his teammates. It’s clear he stuck with the team and was a valued member, despite the inability to play.




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