Tokyo – Part 1: Tsujkiji Fish Market

Last week I got the pleasure of going to Tokyo for a work conference. I took a few days off to explore on my own/with my boss, and one of our must see locations was the Tsujkiji fish market. Apparently, the time to go is 4am in order to try to see the daily auction, but we settled on a nice 9am adventure. I enjoyed the opportunity for some street photography/attempting to capture the action (particularly when a box of fish tipped over). We didn’t eat at any of the sushi places, but I have heard they are something special. I enjoyed seeing all the random food/items for sale. The carbon steel knives they were selling out of a stall were America’s Test Kitchen’s #2 rated carbon knife! I am glad I didn’t have the cash given how carbon tends to rust, but I was admittedly shocked they were more than just a tourist trap.


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