Tokyo – Part 2: Food Tour

I had essentially one full day to explore in Tokyo and the only thing I absolutely had to do was a food tour. My boss and I lucked out in that another colleague had also gone to Tokyo earlier in the year and had some recommendations from a friend that had lived there that we started referring to as “the Bible.” Between the Oishii Food Tour we signed up for Saturday night and that list, I never had a bad meal on my days off. A lot of the places we went were true hole in the walls (one was through a hidden door in a random bookcase, one was in the basement of an office building with just a paper sign in all Japanese). We went to Ramen Row and picked the one place that had a line out the door, which didn’t disappoint either in food or atmosphere.  I also promised myself I would try everything and am proud to say I stepped my game up. Throughout the week I ate several variations of raw fish/octopus (including octopus balls), stingray fin, and likely pork/chicken liver/hearts? (sometimes you don’t ask). I can’t say I’d eat all of it again, but at least I can say I tried to the 9 year old girl that told me I should.


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