Tokyo – Part 5: Yoyogi Park

One of my favorite parts of Japan was running/walking through Yoyogi Park. It was a few kilometers from my hotel and always full of activity. One morning of the conference I joined in a group run led by the hotel staff and it was cool to bond with everyone over a shared love of running. I also found out Tokyo has a real growing running culture, with places you can shower/rent shoes in many of the parks. Pretty cool! Everytime I walked/ran through the park and saw people running, playing, and just generally enjoying being outdoors, the phrase that kept going through my head was “Japanese, they’re just like us.” The culture shock was definitely strong on my first trip to Asia (I never quite got used to the masks/anime everywhere), but this along with several other experiences really made me appreciate both the common traits we all share as well as the unique ones that make the Japanese culture truly special.  (Also, random, but given how kind the people were to me there and how great the parks are, I am excited for Tokyo to host the olympics!)



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