Cherry Blossoms 2017!!

If you live in or around DC, the iconic photos at any arts and crafts show are the cherry blossoms. For a two week period that occurs at some point mid March to early April, the tidal basin around the Jefferson Memorial brightens up with hundreds (thousands?) of cherry blossom trees. It is absolutely stunning. For years, I was too cheap to buy one of the amazing photos I saw, and when I got promoted in 2015 the first thing I did was buy myself one! It was a big deal. Then I bought my camera and started taking/printing my own photos. However, the cherry blossom one is still my sister-in-law’s favorite. Challenge Accepted! (In all seriousness, I am extremely happy the one I paid $$ for still holds up but I still like to give her a hard time.)

Ever since I got my camera, I have been anxiously awaiting this time of year as my chance to take my own favorite photo. As soon as peak bloom was forecasted, I signed up for a sunrise class. Unfortunately, the week before the class/peak bloom, a snow storm hit DC and pretty much all the buds close to blooming were destroyed. Then, the morning of the class, it rained/snowed. My disappointment was extreme as I saw my chance slipping away. Luckily the instructor let me switch to the next weekend and with warm weather this week, the remaining half of the cherry trees came out to play. While the bloom was not as great as it will be in future years, I still managed to get some beautiful shots.

This instructor encouraged using aperture priority mode to deal with the shifting light, and also focused on getting three type of shots: Landscape (high f-stop so everything is in focus), mid-range, and close up (low f-stop so the background blurs). With her help pointing out compositions and finding some on my own, I ended up with some awesome shots!! I call the cover photo “the money shot.” I still love the one I bought, but I think I might have more than enough for a cherry blossom gallery section of my wall art that I look forward to adding to in the coming years.


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