Fell’s Point – Baltimore, MD

Another weekend, another photo class with capital photography center. In the black and white photo class I took, the instructor had a picture I loved from his fell’s point class. That, coupled with the fact the instructor was Karen Messico, who completely opened my eyes to different compositions (reflections, in particular) and challenging myself to frame the photo in camera (versus cropping later), was enough to convince myself to sign up for a 7am Sunday morning. Once I realized how far it was & that I had plans in DC the night before, I used my hotel discount to book a cheap room Saturday night and headed off to the class.

I really lucked out with a small class and a beautiful day. There literally was not a single cloud in the sky, which created some gorgeous reflections in the water, but then really took away the advantage of an early morning shoot. Karen challenged us to play with shadows and really think in black and white due to the high contrast between light/dark. Similar to Annapolis, we started at the pier and then journeyed to the neighborhoods. We stopped on the dock to try to capture the shadows of runners passing by, and of course that was the 10 minutes all runners had stopped/stretched/weren’t coming by. This actually led to my favorite moment of the day – a walker came by and saw us, stopped and posed/lifted his foot so we could actually take the picture.  It took me awhile to edit them, but I ended up with some more gems. I am so happy I sacrificed the sleep!



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