Horses in the Country

Several weeks ago, I went to a “Horses in the Country” photo class with Capital Photography Center out in eastern maryland. Sadly, the current stable was getting evicted, but the silver lining was that had the instructor (who housed her horse there) offer to have us shoot portraits of the people and their horses. The focus on the class was how to take photos of horses/moving objects. Some key pointers were the following:

  1. Ensure the shutter speed was high enough to freeze the movement,
  2. Focus on the eyes,
  3. Beware of the lighting challenges with a black or white horse to ensure you don’t lose detail, and
  4. Use the continuous shooting mode to make sure you get at least one shot of the horses with their feet.

Over the 3 hours, we had several different types of shoots and I enjoyed the challenge of capturing the movement and trying to focus on close up shots of the horses. It was also just beautiful. I enjoyed using these techniques the next day when I did a family photo shoot for a friend with small children!

When I sent the portrait photos to the instructor, she said they were even better than the ones she took. I can’t imagine a better compliment!



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