Faces Not Places Photo Class

Another day, another class with Capital Photography Center. This one was suggested by my friend Sam, and after a couple of near misses we managed to take our first class together. The focus was on taking pictures of people and we mainly stuck to the fountain area at the national sculpture garden. I was recovering from a nasty cold, so I was a bit tired, but I definitely picked up some tips (and equipment recommendations for when I feel like spending some $$, which full disclosure happened tonight). The most interesting were:

  1. Use the flash, even outside. You want your subject facing away from the sun, which means their face may have shadows. The flash fills it in. I didn’t use it as much as I should have, and I could notice in my photos.
  2. Angle the person to make the picture two dimensional versus just one dimensional.
  3. Close up is better for people shots.
  4. A “nifty fifty” lens is great for being able to blur the background and shoot in low light (*cough*purchasedtonight*cough*).
  5. Blondes really are more fun (to shoot in sunlight).

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