Sky Meadows State Park

Over 4th of July I went hiking with a couple of my friends. I was looking for places somewhat close with great views, and stumbled upon Sky Meadows State Park. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before, but it quickly became my favorite hike in the area! The views were great without the hike being overly challenging, the trails were really well marked, and it connects to the Appalachian Trail to be able to add in more miles. It is also near wineries but we didn’t partake this time. I want to try to get out there for a trail run at some point this summer/fall.

I got a new camera lens to try out that I had been told about in my faces not places class. It’s essentially my camera’s version of the “nifty fifty” where it is a set zoom but has a low F-stop of 1.8, which essentially means you can really get that blurred background effect I love. It was fun to try out and the lens is directly attributable to a few of my favorite shots. I did try not to be as obnoxious with photos as I usually am since my main purpose was hiking, but I ended up with a good number of fun ones.



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