Summit Adventure Workshop Part 2: Trail Running and Climbing

The second day of the trip, we headed up to 10,000ft to try our hand at trail running and climbing. Trail running is so hard to get a decent shot! You have to pay attention to foot position/stride, and this becomes even more difficult when using flash where you just have one frame. Then, if you get this right, you have to hope the runner’s eyes are open. We were lucky to have a great model, who was quite the trooper in the freezing cold winds (see “behind the scenes” shots), as well as a gorgeous backdrop.  This is definitely one sport I want to keep trying my hand at (aka begging my friends to let me take pictures of them as I practice).

The climbing was also really interesting/fun. We had a tram that created really distracting tram lines, but some good opportunities to create some nice advertising shots. The rock itself was also a really interesting character. I risked my life getting to another climbing spot (aka looked like a fool trying to make my way over the rocky terrain others easily navigated), but the best shots for me were at the initial spot. Corey Rich joined us that day for the rest of the workshop and gave a master class on shooting climbing. Unfortunately, I didn’t know his history until later that night, otherwise would have really made sure to pick his brain more while on location.



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