Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks: Days 4 and 5

The day after our monster 12 hour day, we took Day 4 really easy and just went to Canyon Village for a quick photo shoot (worth it!) and Yellowstone Lake for some lodge reading. We stayed at Flagg Ranch, which offered an unexpected river view for sunset. The next day, I got my friend up before sunrise (trooper!) to head to Oxbow Bend for an iconic shoot. I thought I was really lucky with my spot, and then looked to my right to see 43098 of my peers at the iconic spot. Luckily, I was able to get both great pictures from my view as well as head over there to get even more spectacular views. My favorite part was a photography class set up behind me so I got to hear the instructor. After that, we headed to Jenny Lake to beat the rain (made it halfway), and I got some wonderful shots of the mountains reflecting in the water as well as other views along the trail. Again, I think the wonder of beating the crowds has my friend turned into a morning person (hahahahahaha). After that, we took it easy the rest of the day as the rain poured down.


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