Snowy Old Town Alexandria

I’ll admit, I have been feeling in a bit of a malaise post my trip out west photo wise. I’ve wanted to go to a few different places, but when push comes to shove, I have opted for my couch instead. That trip resulted in some really great photos, but I felt like I was losing/lost my “eye” for the details since the landscapes were so breathtaking. With both these things, I couldn’t help worrying I was getting into a bit of a rut.

In order to shake myself out of it, I gave myself a photo assignment earlier this week of Old Town Alexandria to capture the holiday decorations & unique architecture. On the day of the assignment, we were greeted with our first snowfall! It was the best type of snow – it made things pretty but didn’t cause any hazards on the roads and sidewalks. Rather than letting it give me an excuse to wimp out, I ventured out and boy am I glad I did! I love love love the photos I got. I parked pretty far away down by the water and took my time getting to King Street, taking photos of the various decorations and architecture. Then I ventured a few blocks up King Street, stopped for a salted caramel mocha as the sun finished setting, and then got some really fun shuts of the lights illuminating the snow falling. This was exactly what I needed to get back to feeling more myself when it comes to photos 🙂

(After a stressful few weeks work wise & pet wise, I also got myself a new camera (Nikon D750) and had so much fun playing with the settings! The higher ISO capability really paid off as I was too lazy to bust out the tripod. The camera also helped motivate me to check out the the zoo lights post a work conference this week. I am also signed up for a few photo classes this week (Meadowlark and Annapolis) so I don’t have to worry about missing the holiday photo ops like I felt I missed the fall. )


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