Fall! at Occoquan

I’ll be honest, I love all the New Zealand and Colorado photos I have been posting on Instagram, but even I am like “enough already!” But I hadn’t had a local photography adventure in ages to replace them with. To rectify that, after testing out the telephoto lens on the dock, I ventured with my normal lens up and down the main street of Occoquan to capture the fall decorations. It really made my heart happy, and I ended up having to go back this weekend when I ran out of time last weekend. All of the photos of scary things are for my almost 5 year old nephew (Halloween baby) because he loves that stuff. (“It’s not real, I’ll help you be brave.”)

Unfortunately, an injury caused me to rethink my plans to do the JFK 50 mile run next month. While I am back to running shorter amounts, my heart just decided that I really want to get out with my camera more the next several weeks versus trying to run 5 hours each weekend.

Also, don’t worry, I will still continue to post highlights from New Zealand and Colorado, sprinkled in with all my local adventures.


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