Fall at Great Falls

The same weekend as the truck graveyard, I decided to double my fun with an early morning photo shoot at Great Falls through Capital Photography Center. If you aren’t from the VA/MD area, Great Falls is one our iconic photo locations and I have just been itching to go out there but wasn’t sure where to go. I learned you can get in early without a special pass, so plan to go back more often over the next year. It was fun playing with the shutter speed and the fall colors were really pretty. I found my preference is floooowing water (1/8 shutter speed to start) versus frozen water (per our instructor shutter speeds at least 1/1000 or faster). One “ah ha!” moment was when the instructor was like “why would you focus on having the sky in the picture when the falls are the star?” It was a great point and made my pictures much better.


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