Truck Graveyard

Back in October, I decided I hadn’t had any photo adventures since Colorado & that needed to change. I found a photography meetup through roadrunnerphotography at a Truck Graveyard in VA. Despite it being a 2+ hour drive from my house, raining, and after a looooong week, I managed to make my way out there. It was so cool! The graveyard was at and across from the P.L. Duncan Trucking, Inc (aka in the middle of nowhere). Apparently, the family’s grandpa was a collector of trucks, and there were around 60 sitting in the field across from the store as well as in front of the store. There was such a great opportunity for a variety of shots, and the clouds/rain helped bring out the colors. Also, the lead photographer was doing some sort of photo shoot with a beautiful girl next to a blue mustang we all got to hop in on. While it took me 2+ months to edit the photos, I really really love them.


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