Kenya: Cheetahs (and the animals they hunt)

We finally encountered Cheetahs in the Masai Mara. The first night, they were just sleeping from afar and because we wouldn’t go offroad (unlike another driver who our guide scared off by saying he had government officials int he car) we didn’t really get much. The second day, we had a different guide post a hot air balloon ride and he was on a mission to find the cheetah. We came across one that was clearly hunting, but he went too far out of view (although this guide was itching to go offload but we wouldn’t let him). However, after stopping at the loo with a view (too much champagne at the post the hot air balloon brunch), he spotted another one that was much closer to the road for us to get some great photos.

While I never saw the cheetah hunt, I did have one of the most interesting/coolest viewing experiences later that day. A cheetah that had already hunted was strolling towards the bush. The ostriches and impalas were running TOWARDS the cheetah to keep an eye on him. According to our guide, they wanted to make sure he left and running away from him would only signal weakness. Seeing an Ostrich run in fear was fascinating/hilarious.



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