Southwest Road Trip 2019 Part 3: Snow Canyon State Park

I will admit, between some issues I am having health wise and the need to recover from Vegas, I was running low on energy when I got to St. George. Rather than driving out to Zion National Park, where the trail I wanted to do is closed due to rockslides, I instead spent the morning at Snow Canyon State Park. It was such a great choice! A lot of the reviews said “would be a national park if it wasn’t so close to Zion” and it didn’t disappoint. I did a 5 mile hike that took me through lava fields, sand, petrified dunes, and  great viewpoints. I couldn’t have asked for a better hike! When I got back to the hotel, I took a near 3 hour nap and then spent the rest of my day and a half in St. George going to some art galleries and editing some headshots I took of my teammates at an amazing coffee shop (Feel Love Coffee).

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