Southwest Roadtrip Part 5: Deadhorse State Park and Canyonlands

I got to Moab late on Tuesday night and was just plum tuckered out. I had been battling some headaches/dizziness since before I left for Vegas so I was not in the mood for more heavy hiking in the desert heat. Thankfully, I had reached out to Tom Till photography tours on Monday and booked a full day private photography tour on Wednesday. Honestly, it was worth it for not having to think about where to go, not having to drive, and to have someone to chat with after several days on my own.

Dan picked me up around five in the morning, and we spent the morning in Dead Horse State Park and Canyonlands. The sunrise was a bit disappointing since there was not a single cloud in the sky, so we lost the good light pretty quickly and by 8:30am it felt like noon. However, some of the pics I got of the trees in the morning light and Mesa Arch still turned out awesome. We almost skipped Mesa Arch because it is usually packed, but we lucked out as there were only a couple of cars when we passed.

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