Impromptu Neighborhood Shoot – Black Vultures

I was working from home on Monday, which is trash day in our neighborhood. As I was on a conference call, I looked at the window and saw something I had never seen before. There was a gang (apparently called a committee or a murder depending on your region) of black vultures that flew in to check out the trash offerings! I jumped up, found my telephoto lens, and headed outside while still staying on the call. According to the neighbors I ran into (“hello weirdo!” is what I am sure they were thinking), it was not that unusual. But it was to me! (Also, I know crows are typical, but I felt a little better when my bird watching coworker said it was unusual to see black vultures in our region but Dorian might have pushed them north.)

I ended up spending 40 minutes outside, and I tried to apply all my learnings in Kenya. I took my time, looked for the story, thought about how it made me feel. It definitely took awhile to settle into the shoot once I realized they were in it for awhile and I had time to play. For me, I wanted to get pictures that captured the trash/neighborhood aspect of the story. I also really wanted to capture the  large gang/eery feeling the birds evoked in me.  They really creeped me out!

Thankfully, I think I succeeded. For editing, I found I was drawn to the black and white images (which goes against how I’ve been feeling this year), as it really helped with evoking the mood. I have been obsessed with these photos today! I just love the impromptu nature of the shoot, and how nature and home collided even more than they usually do. My neighbor liked the pictures as well!

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