Theodore Roosevelt National Park

My friend is planning to run a marathon in every state, so in support of that effort four of us converged from all over the country in Bismarck, North Dakota in September for a girls’ weekend. To add to the adventure, we headed to Theodore Roosevelt National Park the day after the race, which is 2 hours west of Bismarck. It was so beautiful! The park is split into three units, but the scenic drives are in the North and South unit. Three of us did the journey through the South unit, and we were blown away by the views. Then Sam left for Colorado and Sherri and I fought our exhaustion to head to the North Unit (basically a 3 hour detour). I was at the edge of my rope after 2 out of 3 sleepless nights, but my parents had said they enjoyed that section more, and how often am I going to be in North Dakota? I am so glad we did as we really loved that section and I got the featured photo as we rolled out of the park.

I have to say I really enjoyed my short time in North Dakota and would highly recommend the trip. I hope to go back to see some of the other parks/beautiful places and to interact with more of the friendly people.



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