Patagonia Part 2: Magdalena Island

The first full day of the trip, we headed off to a boat to sail to Magdalena Island, home of the Magellan Penquins and apparently 234,093,248 seagulls. It was a cold, blustery day and as we walked the 1km loop I was on the lookout for the sea of penguins I imagined in my head. It turns out, they were mostly nesting so we only saw them one off. Thankfully, I love seagulls so really enjoyed watching them. I also really enjoyed the close up observation time with the penguins we did see. The lighthouse provided a beautiful backdrop as well. I am happy to say this was probably the coldest I got on the trip (other than kayaking).

After we left the island we took the boat to see an island of sea lions from the ocean. This put most of us into a state of queasiness and we were happy to have the boat head back as quickly as possible.

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