Patagonia Part 4: W-Trek days 3 and 4

The third day of the W-Trek had an option to drop our bags for an out and back at the midway point prior to heading to the Refugio. It was a bit rainy, but our group headed up an hour before half of us turned around. The other half informed the guide as he was getting ready to head back with us that they wanted to keep going. After shaking off his annoyance at the last minute notice, he got his revenge by forcing them to race up the mountain (they agreed to keep his pace) to another viewpoint while the rest of us headed back. (They/he had fun.) It really started raining on us the last hour, and it felt like the Refugio would never come. By day 3 two blisters had formed on my toes that made the hiking a bit more unpleasant. The next day we headed off on the final relatively easy stretch of the W to the Grey Glacier. We enjoyed stopping despite the chilling winds, as we all knew it was our last day of carrying our packs.  It was very exciting to reach the end, and we had a few hours to rest up/drink warm beverages before kayaking (see Part 5). What an adventure!

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