Patagonia Part 7: El Chalten Days 1 and 2

Our final stop on the trip was El Chalten. This is a famous climbing town, with Fitz Roy in the backdrop. It was really small (they just got wifi 4 years ago and the one ATM in town rarely had cash). I absolutely loved it and it was hands down my favorite place on the trip. We had another local guide, Amie, with us for 4 days.  The first day, we just did a short hike to a lookout that started in the rain. On the way down, however, the sun broke out and we walked through this amazing meadow. “The hills are alive with the sound of muuuuuuuusic” broke out in my head, and I just felt so happy. The second day, I wasn’t feeling 100% and after the first stretch, we had the opportunity to go up another super steep climb or to continue on the path we were on to head back to town. Given the windy conditions/lack of a good view of Fitz Roy, the guide insisted that if we weren’t feeling 100% we shouldn’t go up. Thankfully, despite concerns about my pride, I listened. Our group split into 2, and I took my time on the way down, taking about 20394238 pictures and just letting myself feel in awe of the views. I had fun trying another time lapse as the clouds were moving so fast while waiting for Sam and the others to get back.

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