Favorite Photos of 2019

Well, I might be a bit late, but after seeing all of the top lists going around, I was inspired to create my own. I did the top 9 on Instagram, but to be perfectly honest the results were too heavily weighted on the wildlife to really feel like a true reflection of the year. That was an incredible experience, but 2019 included trips to Kenya, Vegas, Utah, Colorado, Seattle, Vancouver, Chile, and Argentina in addition to really trying my hand at family photography. This year was very trying at times for me (primarily work and health related), but when I look back at all I have accomplished I am really proud of the year. I am quite certain 2019 will end up being a pivotal turning point for my life as I started to pursue photography professionally, met some real interesting people with “off the beaten path” careers, and really just allowed myself to dream bigger about what life could be like in spite of my risk averse nature. So without further ado, here are my top photos from the year as well as a little bit about why I chose each photo. And since I took over 10,000 photos of such a wide variety in a pivotal year you will have to forgive me for it being 2x more than 10 πŸ™‚

El Chalten Day 4-280
We had all but given up hope on seeing Fitz Roy clearly our last day in El Chalten. All of a sudden on our way down on the last hike, the sky cleared and the CROWD. WENT. WILD. I see myself in this photo, even though I have no idea who that guy is.
Kayaking and Ice Hike-3
This photo was taken while we were kayaking next to an iceberg. I was really tired after five days of hiking, and secretly hoped we wouldn’t make it to the kayaking because of weather. Thank goodness we did because this is my favorite photo from the whole trip and that was my favorite experience. It’s a good reminder to get out of your comfort zone and how you have to get off the beaten path to get the coolest photos/stories.
Punta Arenas-80
Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales had a lot of docks to nowhere. This is one of my favorites because of the emotion it evokes in me.
I was on a conference call working from home when I saw these vultures on the island where we put the trash out. I ran outside (while staying on the call) and spent 40 minutes with them. I was super creeped out, and this photo captures the eery, gang like feeling I got watching them move.
Twin Peaks RMNP-171
I am obsessed with ducks and this is the first time I saw one not in the water like this. Thanks Rocky Mountains!
Arches National Park-39-2
While this view of Arches doesn’t have an arch, it’s one of my favorites because it really captures both the stunning beauty and the feel of the barren landscape that somehow triggers a fight or flight feeling in me.
I broke down and bought a Z7 after seeing all of Kristi Odom’s bug photos. My first shoot with the camera I got this photo that made it worth it πŸ™‚
Tsavo West-656
This has been one of the photos that gets the most comments at the craft fairs. I love it not only because it makes a perfectly humorous mother/father’s day card, but also because the moments leading up to and after the photo were so tender/loving.
Tsavo East-269
This takes the cake for most commented on photo at the craft shows. Funnily enough, the first time I went through the photos I didn’t select it as a favorite. It was only once I wanted to send a photo to my friends of the elephant booty scratches, which made my life in Kenya, that I remembered it. It quickly catapulted to my favorite photo I took in Kenya. While it’s not the most technically brilliant photo, that doesn’t matter based on the emotions/feelings it evokes.
Tsavo East Photo Hide and Evening Day 2-276
Elephant love is so real and beautiful.
Masai Mara day 2-118
I captured this in a hot air balloon ride, and this photo alone made the cost worth it to me (along with the unlimited champagne). Something about the hyenas prowling along the grass lit up by the sunrise just sets off all the feels.
Tsavo West-1250
This is a beautiful photo I love most because of the hilarious memory behind it. A lone zebra was wandering at the park gate and of course we freaked out. Later, our guide was entertaining himself/chuckling by playing a video of him making fun of us for freaking out over the “common zebra.” Note we were in the car with him while he watched it on speaker πŸ™‚
US Botanical Gardens-579
This is the year I discovered in camera multiple exposures and it has unlocked an unexpected opportunity for creativity that I am enjoying exploring.
Snow Canyon State Park-35-Edit
This is a state park (Snow Canyon) in St. George, UT that likely would be a national park if it wasn’t so close to Zion. I felt terrible at this point in my trip (my health issues this year really kicked off in June) but the stunning scenery the state park offered still has me in awe.
The Robinsons-196
This year I started doing family photography and found a new love. I love the tender detail in this photo of my coworker and his wife that now have a lovely baby boy Ethan.
The Franks-569
I love capturing the unposed love of a parent and child. I have found I work best when I blend into the background and capture the moments as they happen versus trying to force direct.
Laura's Family-505-Edit
Ditto on unposed moments of tender love.
Christine's family-86-Edit
I love personality, and these kids had a ton of it. (Talk about sass!) I have a lot of sweet photos of them, but this one I think that deserves a wall spot. Apparently Lucy is horrified this is on the main page of my portrait photography website (
Hillary and Doug-196-Edit
Happy 1 year anniversary to this couple! (New Years Day!) Before I met with them I watched Lindsay Adler’s portrait photography bootcamp on Creative Live, which gave me the inspiration for this shot. What I love the most is the love you can see in Doug’s face for one my dearest friends πŸ™‚ What you don’t see is the paw prints on his pants thanks to their dog Zelda.
Christine's family-372-Edit
Another tip from Lindsay Adler. If you are doing the close up, commit to the crop. That advice coupled with the most amazing light just made this a real winning photo. Wyatt made my heart melt.



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